Safe meetings in the Leuven-Aarschot area

hybride meetings in Centrum Eenheid
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'Centrum Eenheid' is an event location with lots of space and light.
Respecting the one and a half metres distance is no problem here.
If you want to have Corona-proof meetings, welcome!
toplocatie voor hybride events

Even though teleworking is the norm these days, there are many reasons to meet in person once in a while.

  • If physical presence is necessary for specific reasons (e.g. demo); 
  • If your employees are tired of zooming and want to see each other in real life,
  • When important decisions have to be made.

The problem is that many offices are not suitable for coronaproof meetings. No wonder the statistics show an increase in virus infections in the workplace.

Centrum Eenheid has everything to make your meetings safe: plenty of indoor space, a large terrace with garden for outdoor activities, a beautiful wooded area for walking and above all: caring staff who meticulously apply the covid-19 measures.

Until further notice it is not allowed to provide catering. So: no coffee or tea, no meals.

Some of our corona measures:

  • The toilets on the ground floor are reserved for the ladies, the toilets for the men are on -1
  • Cleaning and disinfection is done in time
  • The infrastructure was adapted in order to enforce the 1.50 m rule in the whole of  the building as much as possible. The maximum number of persons for each meeting room was determined accordingly (see below).


Room A

grote zaal voor max 120 personen
  • sits up to 120 persons (according to the Covid-19 rules: 43)
  • flexible set-up: multimedia presentation, course, study day, large meeting
  • suitable for congresses, study days, lectures, theme days, days of retreats, symposia, courses, etc.
  • rooms A and B can be joined into a single room that sits up to 250 people (according to the Covid-19 rules: 74).

 Does this room fit in with the event you want to organise? 

Room B

Zaal B voor max 80 personen
  • sits up to 80 persons (according to the Covid-19 rules: 28)
  • set up for multimedia presentations
  • suitable for lectures, theme days, retreats, symposia, courses, etc.

Does this room fit in with the event you want to organise?

Room A+B

Zaal B voor max 80 personen
  • beautiful room for a group up to 250 people (according to the Covid-19 rules: 74)
  • ideal for international audiences - there are 5 translation booths for simultaneous translation
  • suitable for conferences, lectures, colloquia, etc.

Does this room fit in with the event you want to organise?


Room C

polyvalente vergaderruimte, ook geschikt als ontspanningszaal
  • sits up to 60 persons (according to the Covid-19 rules: 20)
  • equipped with television and internet connection
  • suitable for meetings 
  • with a cosy corner for an aperitif, to chat or to enjoy a coffee break enjoy a coffee break
  • can also be used as a relaxation area

Does this room fit in with the event you want to organise?

Room D

polyvalente zaal
  • sits up to 70 persons (according to the Covid-19 rules: 24)
  • an area of 150 square metres that can be arranged and used in a flexible and and can be furnished and used in a flexible and creative way  
  • multifunctional space (yoga, dance, meditation, gymnastics, ...)
  • can also be used as an extension of the  dining-room

 Does this space give you any ideas for an event?

Room E

kleine aangename vergaderruimte geschikt voor teamvergadering, sollicitatiegesprek, ...
  • small, pleasant meeting room with internet connection and its own sanitary facilities
  • suitable for small team meetings (up to 6 people - according to the Covid-19 rules: 2)
  • ideal for job applications, personal consultations, one-to-one conversations, etc..
  • quiet place for the facilitator of groups or the speaker(s) of a conference

Does this room fit into your plans for an event?

Take care of your staff and your customers. Keep it safe

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can create a coronaproof space for your meetings,product presentations, training courses and workshops. With all possible facilities.

Call us on +32 16 204816. Send an email to or use the chat function on the 'your event' page.

Together we will find the best solutions to make your meeting a success.

As always, eating coronaproof in small groups in the refectory. Afterwards, a cosy chat in the armchairs. With the pinch of cosiness and the warm welcome that always makes us feel very welcome.

Annemie De Proft, Etion
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