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een belevenis voor u en uw gasten
een belevenis voor u en uw gasten
'Centrum Eenheid' is a place that connects people.
Something special always happens here.
Even in these Corona days.
Something that continues to resonate.

Looking for an inspiring meeting room in the Leuven area?

We have small and large meeting rooms for all your brainstorming sessions, board meetings, workshops, meetings, training courses and seminars.

Even if you need a small room,such as for job interviews, or if you are inviting a large number of people for a big event (product launch, anniversary, lecture by an internationally renowned speaker,…), you can also rely on the on us.

We provide catering for lunch meetings, receptions, staff or other parties. We are happy to make you an offer.

Centrum Eenheid can also be rented for multi-day conferences. Thirty beds are available. One bedroom is specially equipped for the disabled. 

Centrum Eenheid voor business

Looking for a nice hall for a socio-cultural activity in the Leuven area?

We have several rooms that can be rented separately or together.

For a one-day event or for regular meetings (e.g. monthly training sessions) over the period of a working year.

Centrum Eenheid is also particularly suitable for small-scale performances by stand-up comedians, singers, bands, choirs, brass bands and harmony groups.

We provide catering for receptions and parties.

Centrum Eenheid can also be rented for multi-day conferences. Thirty beds are available. One bedroom is specially equipped for the disabled.

Centrum Eenheid voor socio-culturele verenigingen

Looking for a room that is big enough, but at the same time feels homely and cosy for your party?

Centrum Eenheid has everything for a successful private party such as a baby shower, communion or wedding. There is even a quiet room for a meaningful celebration.

Of course, you can also use the little lounges scattered around the building. And there is also a large garden too with a gate to a forest that the more adventurous children of the family will certainly want to explore.

Don't feel like driving home at night after the party? No worries! We have thirty beds available.

Centrum Eenheid voor families en vriendengroepen

Latest update (26/3/2022)

Currently, the corona barometer is at yellow. There are no more restrictive measures!

  • The CST is no longer a prerequisite for access to activities
  • There are no longer any capacity restrictions for meeting rooms or events
  • There are no longer any restrictions on workshops, recreational activities, etc.

As a result, our meeting center has been revived. Our meeting rooms and seminar rooms are booked in abundance again. If you want to use them soon, please make a reservation as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us. Call us on 016 20 48 16. Mail info@centrumeenheid.be or use the chat function on the 'your event' page.

The fact that there are no longer any restrictive measures does not mean that you no longer run any risk of being infected by the COVID-19 virus. On the contrary. You probably know enough relatives, friends and/or colleagues who have become ill just now. From corona or otherwise.

This means that in our center we continue to pay extra attention to (hand) hygiene, ventilation and airing.

You can also come to us for hybrid events, e.g. a seminar or lecture that can also be followed online or a meeting that people in quarantine can attend online.

Finally, an important announcement.

From Monday 28 March to Friday 29 April, work will be carried out on the Aarschotsesteenweg in Wezemaal. During the works, there will be one-way traffic. Meeting Centre Eenheid will remain accessible, but only from the direction of Aarschot.

If you are driving via the E314, please take exit 22, even if you are coming from the direction of Leuven/Brussels.


As an event organiser, I have seen and experienced many venues. As a seminar and meeting venue, Centrum Eenheid is one of the best you will find. You can tell by all the details how much importance they attach to the visitor's experience. This attention is an important measure for a successful event and Centrum Eenheid is an absolute winner.

Geert Vanoverschelde, Sylvester

The homely atmosphere and warm welcome at Centrum Eenheid make it a pleasure to come back here.

Annemie De Proft, Etion

Centrum Eenheid is a fine place for seminars, fully in accordance with covid-19 measures. Not only is it very practically laid out, the warm welcome and service make it a very pleasant place to be.

Liesbet Bynens, Puur acupunctuur

We have been coming to Centrum Eenheid several times a year for training, workshops and seminars for a long time now. The organisation is always spick – and-span and the reception very hospitable. 

Margriet Wentink, Interakt

Centrum Eenheid is a beautiful centre, architecturally very inspiring: full of light, flexible spaces and excellnet acoustics. It is a modern venue: they have all the necessary logistic support. The staff is very approachable and friendly.

Bieke Vermeulen, Live The Connection
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